Recoil Spring

Recoil Spring

Recoil spring and Track adjuster assembly

PowerTrack supplies a single spring for HITACHI, KOMATSU, DOOSAN, VOLVO, HYUNDAI

along with a track adjuster.


Excavator track adjuster is a device used to adjust the tension of the tracks on an excavator. The device is typically made of a bar or chain with a bolt at the end. It is attached to the track and tightened or loosened to adjust the tension on the track. The adjuster is important in keeping the tracks in proper tension, as too much or too little tension can cause the machine to be unstable, potentially leading to damage or injury. Powertrack track adjusters are available with 5- 40 tons excavators specially supplied for OE manufacturers.


Part list as below:


Product list for the recoil springs and track adusters.